Have you renewed?

We are a GLBT social group, with community involvement and political awareness spokes as well.

Quite simply put, we need YOU to help keep Alexandria GLCA vibrant and fun...and relevant! Our roots are deep and important to our lives today in the City of Alexandria and specifically, how we fit in to the greater community.

Now is the time to renew below! Help us make 2014 the best year yet, with greater emphasis on all three areas of our mission and involvement.

Alexandria GLCA - Membership -- Join/Renew

Two Options for Joining or Renewing your Alexandria GLCA Membership

1. Mail us Your Application Form

To become a member of the Alexandria GLCA (or to renew your membership): print out our application, and mail it to the address below. Non-Alexandria residents are welcome. Both GLBT persons and straight allies are welcome.

Mailing Address:

Alexandria Gay and Lesbian Community Association
P. O. Box 320262
Alexandria, VA 22320

2. Join or Renew Online!

Annual Membership
Message to Treasurer
Message to Membership Director

It's time to renew for 2011!

It's time to renew your membership for 2011! Please continue to help us make Alexandria GLCA a vibrant GLBT organization! We need you!

And don't forget, bring your talents and ideas as well.

AGLCA News Mailing List

Things to know about the AGLCA Mailing List:

  1. You don't have to be an AGLCA member to sign up
  2. This is an announcement list, not a discussion list
  3. This is a low-volume list. Expect generally one email each month. On occasion we need to send out a mid-month update if important events are added, moved or cancelled.
  4. We share our list with no one. Please check out our Privacy statement.

Renewal Season is Upon Us! Renew Your Alexandria GLCA Membership Today!

All Alexandria GLCA memberships are based on the calendar year, and you DON'T want to miss out on the great social and educational events we have planned for 2009. It's an absolute fact that using your Alexandria GLCA Membership Benefits Card throughout the year can easily pay for your club dues!

Memberships are only $25 a year for an individual; $35 for a couple.

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